5 Easy Tennis Court Maintenance Tips

Just like any other newly installed sorting facility, the urge to immediately jump onto the surface and start playing games of tennis on a fresh court is undeniable. However, it is beyond wise to have both usage and tennis court maintenance plans in hand before the very first game goes underway. Let’s look at the latter, and shed some light on how you can enjoy a near-perfect tennis court for years to come. 

A reasonable number of activities, or checkpoints come to mind when taking care of a tennis court. These are;

  • Regular cleaning of the surface,
  • Setting and enforcing rules for equipment use,
  • A ‘stitch’ in time saves nine
  • Organize your drainage
  • Follow surface maintenance directions

Once laid out, you should already start getting ideas as to where our advice is headed. However, there is no use taking any of the tips for granted. Leaving one to chance could be the chink in your defences to a good tennis court over the years to come. Let’s expand on each of the five tips.


1. Regular Cleaning of The Surface

Regardless of the type of tennis court surface, some daily housekeeping is a must. Dead vegetation, toys and equipment left lying on the surface contribute to its wear. Setting up a schedule for someone to routinely keep the surface clear of anything that could decompose and change the state of the court is a sure way of making sure work is done even in your absence. 

2. Setting and Enforcing Rules for Equipment Use

When it comes to toys and equipment left on the tennis court, even during play, some rules need to be laid down. Should someone trip on a piece of equipment, guess where they land. Yes, the surface you’re trying to protect. 

Although the victim’s wellbeing should be checked, that too of the surface matters if they’re going to keep enjoying playing on it. Such an incident could dent grass courts, opening a wide array of further damage with continued play.

3. A ‘Stitch’ in Time

Those wide cracks you see on badly damaged tennis courts don’t start out as wide. By way of habit, you can cancel out the chances that your tennis court looks anything like an arid piece of land. Sealing up any cracks that surface, just as they start, often dissuade them from proliferating. 

You can call in a professional tennis court surface maintenance contractor when you start noticing one too many cracks. There could be an underlying cause of the phenomenon. Many are easy to overlook from the perspective of the tennis court owner. 

4. Organize your drainage

Snow, rain, and even winds carrying dust that settles on the tennis court are all threats to its longevity. The snow exposes the surface to extreme temperatures, often leaving cracks when the thaw comes. 

Clearing it off the tennis court is of paramount importance. Water lodged on depressions on the tennis court not only weakens those areas but suggests a further tennis court maintenance problem you can take care of – levelling. 

What most people omit when carrying out drainage related tennis court maintenance tasks is the how part. The broom used to dust the surface can scape the surface off gradually. This counteracts with the good intention of cleaning the surface. Be sure to use soft tools. 

The same applies to snow shovels. What good would it be to get the snow off it leaves with the paint markings due to overzealous sweeps?

5. Follow Surface Tennis Court Maintenance Directions

Each surface type comes with a set of directions (be sure to ask) to help the owner enjoy the most for the longest possible time before another layer is required. When all have been followed, it helps to actually have the surface done again after it’s expected lifespan lapses. 

Even when it looks pristine, such timelines indicate when it may be a hazard to keep tramping and running on the surface. Nothing worth exposing your loved ones to in the name of financial savings. 

That said, it should be made perfectly clear that just as you consider the house an asset, the tennis court is part and parcel of the package. A good looking surface goes beyond just keeping the overall home more appealing, but keeps everyone playing on it safely. It makes sense to follow these simple tips to make sure such safe conditions extend into many years to come.