Laser Guided Grading

laser guided grading

Landscaping becomes faster, more accurate and cost-effective with our expert laser guided grading technologies. This technology puts us among the best companies by allowing for precision leveling and sloping for your court and surrounding landscape design. Laser guided grading is just one of the technologies that CrowAll uses to give our customers the very best and to set ourselves apart from the rest.

How Laser Grading Works

Laser grading, as the name implies, uses a laser to project a plane of light across the landscape.  This projection accurately reflects the completed design and can be used as a reference to ensure proper placement of materials. A tripod is used to mount the transmitter then an elevation and slope are set.  Receivers and LED lights work together to tell the blades when they need to move to stay on grade.

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how laser grading works
laser grading has several uses for landscaping

What it Does

Laser grading has several uses for landscaping and sport court construction. Toronto courts and landscapes can benefit from increased accuracy in the final finish grading and quicker rough grading. Because lasers automate much of the process, less time and manpower are needed. Operators can more quickly finish your landscaping and/or court installation for a more cost-effective alternative to traditional grading.

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A History of Excellence

As pioneers of laser guided grading for landscape designs and court installation, CrowAll has an unmatched level of knowledge about the technology. Our project manager and designer, Rocco Cornacchia, was the first construction foreman to use laser guided grading systems to assist in the construction of asphalt penetration nearly thirty years ago. He and our team have continued to hone our use of the technology throughout the decades, to produce more complex and more beautiful landscape designs and sport surfaces.

To learn more about what laser guided grading can do for your landscape and sport court installation, call us at (416) 951-4626.

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a history of the excellence