Tennis Court Construction, Installation & Resurfacing in Ontario

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Whether professional, residential or part of a private club, tennis courts serve as centers for recreation, exercise, and competition. At CrowAll, we specialize in several tennis court surfaces and types of tennis courts. Toronto tennis enthusiasts can rest assured that we are well-versed in the necessary techniques and materials needed to maintain our courts in pristine condition, even during harsh winters. Our expertise in seasonal care and quality surfaces forms a key part of the CrowAll advantage, ensuring year-round playability and satisfaction.

Types of Tennis Court Surfaces

There are several types of tennis courts, each with its own advantages. We’re experienced with each and will expertly guide you in choosing the best court for your needs. CrowAll offers installations, resurfacing and maintenance for the following tennis court surfaces:

  • Har-tru/AmericanRed/Green/European Clay: Clay court tennis surfaces are made of crushed basalt, a fine-grained volcanic rock. They are known for being easier on the body and allowing players to slide.
  • Artificial Grass/Turf: This distinctive court type allows for easy sliding and reduced injury due to the soft surface. It is superior to real grass which needs more maintenance and can be damaged easily by regular play.
  • Soft Asphalt (penetration): Consisting of layers of stone with a top layer of asphalt, this soft surface can be installed over a hard court. It reduces injury, requires no maintenance, and can repair courts that are beyond resurfacing. This is one of our specialties and we’ve perfected its application.
  • ClayTech: Made of stone and/or brick, ClayTech offers the lowest maintenance option for a clay court. It’s easy on joints, installs quickly over a hard surface, and resists cracking, chipping, or peeling.
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types of the tennis court surfaces
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Tennis Courts Toronto, Maintenance

Toronto tennis can sometimes be hampered by harsh winters which can cause excessive moisture and risk of cracking. However, CrowAll’s superior technology for installation and coating allows us to extend the life of your court and delay the need for resurfacing. We also offer year-round maintenance options for your commercial or residential tennis court.

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Residential Tennis Court Installation

A residential tennis court for personal use can be an incredible workout center and give your home a unique selling feature later on. We can construct your court on a variety of surfaces, though, Asphalt Penetration is a popular choice because of its fast installation times, low maintenance and softer composition. CrowAll has all the skills and expertise to design your surface and landscaping to make your court the beautiful, recreational center you deserve.

To learn more about the types of tennis courts and tennis court surfaces, visit our product catalogue or contact us here.

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Yes, pickleball can be played on a tennis court. The net height and court dimensions for pickleball are different, but temporary modifications can be made to adapt a tennis court for pickleball play.

A standard tennis court measures 78 feet long and 27 feet wide for singles matches. For doubles matches, the width extends to 36 feet.

Yes, regulation tennis courts are universally the same size. The International Tennis Federation specifies the dimensions as 78 feet in length by 27 feet wide for singles and 36 feet wide for doubles.

The cost of installing a tennis court in the backyard can vary widely depending on the type of surface, site preparation needed, and additional features such as lighting or fencing. On average, costs can range from $25,000 to $120,000.

In many cases, a building permit may be required to install a tennis court in Ontario. The specific requirements can vary by municipality, so it’s recommended to check with your local city or town hall for detailed regulations.

For Ontario’s variable climate, hard courts made of asphalt or concrete are popular due to their durability and low maintenance. Clay courts, while requiring more maintenance, are also favoured for their playability. CrowAll also offers specialized surfaces like Har-tru and ClayTech, which are designed to withstand harsh climates.

The installation time for a tennis court in Ontario can vary depending on the type of court and site conditions. Typically, the process can take from a few weeks to a few months. Weather conditions, particularly in late fall and winter, can also impact the installation timeline.

Yes, regular maintenance is crucial to preserve the quality and longevity of tennis courts in Ontario, especially due to the region’s harsh winters. This includes regular surface cleaning, immediate repair of cracks, proper drainage, and a winter cover for protection during the off-season.

Yes, resurfacing provides an opportunity to customize the appearance of your tennis court. CrowAll offers a variety of colour choices and materials, including options like acrylic, cushioned surfaces, and advanced synthetic materials, allowing you to tailor the court to your specific playing preferences and aesthetic desires.

The cost of resurfacing a tennis court in Ontario can range from $4,000 to $15,000 or more, depending on the court’s size, the materials used, and the complexity of any repairs needed. Providing an exact quote typically requires a site visit to assess the court’s condition.