Sport Surfaces: Tennis Court, Pickleball, Basketball, Golf

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CrowAll Surface Contractors Ltd. is your tennis and sport court construction, landscaping and grading expert. We are a family owned and operated company dedicated to treating each of our clients as part of our extended organization. Our tennis and sport court surfaces include:

We are a true one-stop-shop

Providing everything you need for the perfect sport court, including:

  • A complete landscape plan & design
  • Excavation, Base Install and Fencing
  • Interlocking pathways, patios & retaining walls
  • Professional drainage systems
  • Putting Greens & Ice Rinks
  • Basketball, bocce, roller hockey, pickleball, volleyball and shuffleboard courts
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We Are A True One-Stop-Shop
Asphalt Penetration (Soft Asphalt)

Asphalt Penetration (Soft Asphalt)

This surface is one of our specialties and we have perfected its application to give you the absolute best results. Made with layers of stone and sand which are sprayed with liquid asphalt, this soft layered surface is applied on top of a granular A base. Along with reducing pain and injury that could be caused from playing on a standard hard court, this surface requires no maintenance and maintains hard court principles of play with a soft asphalt composition. It can also be installed directly on top of an existing hard court in the form of a lift as an alternative to repairing a surface that is damaged beyond what a standard resurface application can repair.
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Clay Court Tennis (Har Tru)

Green/Red/European clay court tennis surfaces are made of crushed basalt, a fine-grained volcanic rock. The primary benefits of clay court tennis are:

  • A prestige surface that offers a sliding element during play
  • Softer surface that is easier on players’ back, knees and joints

Clay Court Tennis Maintenance: While clay court tennis has advantages, it does take a good deal of maintenance. However, with CrowAll’s comprehensive, year-round maintenance programs, we can have your court looking beautiful and playable year after year.

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Clay Court Tennis (Har Tru)
Tennis Court Resurfacing Ontario

Tennis Court Resurfacing Ontario

When you have a court, you want to spend time enjoying it, not resurfacing it. CrowAll knows this, and we are committed to making sure you get to enjoy your court for longer before needing tennis court resurfacing. Ontario winters are harsh and this is a factor, but our partnership with Laykold® has given our customers access to two innovative products with superior acrylic latex coating.

With 2.5X longer in between tennis court resurfacing, Ontario courts are able to see a lot more play.  The Laykold® NuSurf & ColorFlex Acrylic Paint System provides tennis court resurfacing, Ontario players can rely on. Its features include:

  • Hides and prevents fine to small surface cracks
  • Extends court life
  • Maintains court speed, tack and colour for longer

Other Services for Tennis Court Resurfacing: Ontario tennis courts can also benefit from our asphalt penetration lift. This is used when normal resurfacing is not enough to repair the level of deterioration on your court.  If we do not feel resurfacing is a viable option to produce long term results, we will recommend an asphalt penetration lift as an affordable alternative as opposed to a complete rebuild.

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ClayTech offers the best of both worlds: a surface experience similar to traditional clay court composition with the absolute lowest maintenance of any clay based surface. Comprised of stone and/or brick, ClayTech offers a tennis surface that is particularly well suited to residential installation due to:

  • Low maintenance, including no need to paint
  • Can be installed over a hard tennis court
  • No cracking, chipping or peeling
  • All-Weather
  • Fast installation
  • Easy to slide on and helps players to learn shot construction
  • Easier on joints
  • Uses less clay and water than traditional clay courts
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Artificial Turf

Artificial Grass/Turf

This unique sport court surface allows for sliding and is easier on joints than a hard tennis court.  Even more attractive, this type of surface is far lower maintenance than actual grass.  Artificial grass is also consistent; the texture of the surface and the resulting bounce will remain the same with some very basic maintenance.

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Acrylic Application

This is what allows your court to really shine. Our premium acrylic coating systems and fiberglass membrane installations helps to seal and protect the surface of your sport court and also allows you to add a variety of design elements.

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