Landscaping Design

landscaping design

Our tennis and sport surfaces are beautiful on their own, but CrowAll knows they are only a part of what will make your landscape inviting. Our expert landscaping design helps to enhance your court and play area by creating an elegant and functional flow.

Benefits of Landscaping Design

A well planned and designed landscape is pleasant to look at, but that’s only one reason for professional design or your outdoor space. Other benefits include:

  • Increases your property value
  • Capture runoff to make a more environmentally friendly court
  • Erosion reduction
  • Natural shade and better air quality (with the inclusion of trees)
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the benefits of landscaping design
turf, asphalt and clay tennis courts

Turf, Asphalt and Clay Tennis Courts

CrowAll offers both ClayTech and Har-Tru clay tennis courts to go with our expert landscaping design. The green of our Har-Tru clay tennis courts is especially nice for blending in with a well-manicured lawn and subtle landscaping design.

Our penetration asphalt tennis courts can also be designed to create an eye-catching scene. Similarly, synthetic turf offers a unique way to have your court become a part of your lawn but with less maintenance than real grass.

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Tennis Court Coating

Tennis court coating allows you to get creative with your tennis court and scape. You can choose to let it blend into your landscape or stand out from it by incorporating contrasting colors and/or a personalized design. Many customers include a logo or advertisement when appropriate.

Our partnership with Laykold® has brought our customers superior tennis court coating in the form of the NuSurf & ColorFlex Acrylic Paint System. It helps to hide and prevent fine and small surface cracks, extends the life of courts and maintains the speed and appearance of the surface for longer. This also maximizes the amount of time between resurfacing requirements. Learn more about our Laykold® products in our catalogue.

For all other inquiries about our landscaping design /court installation, call us at (416) 951-4626.

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the tennis court coating