How Much Does a Clay Tennis Court Installation Cost?

Crowall tennis surface system integrates innovative designs to achieve less maintenance yet exceptional clay surface court. This clay court brings out the best play during the wet or dry season. The court has all the play characteristics of traditional clay, plays like clay, and slides like clay. It presents multiple unique benefits to the players. The surface is perfectly designed clay court with less to no maintenance at all that offers consistent ball bounce. If you are looking for a low-maintenance yet long-lasting tennis court for your club, consider Crowall surface clay court system. We are committed to installing quality tennis courts ideal for your preference and choice. 


What is CrowAll Surface Contractors?

Crowall Surface Contractors Ltd. is a family-owned and Canada-based company. Since we are built from strong family values and outstanding working experience, we value our customers more like a family. We are fully committed to building a good reputation for the professional construction and rehabilitation of tennis courts. We also install other sport surfaces.

What is Clay Tennis Court?

Among tennis surface courts, clay tennis court has this certain wave of reputation. Although this type of tennis court is not so common in the United States, it is widely seen in Europe. Clay courts are commonly used in the French Open including other tournaments. This tennis court provides a much different sports experience compared to other types of court. If you have co-players who have a big interest in a serious tennis competition, they would appreciate a clay court.

Moreover, installing and maintaining a clay court today is a lot easier to do as compared in the past. However, the process of its construction is still not completely done in a straightforward manner. Like other tennis surfaces, a clay tennis court installation requires proper tools and materials, enough preparation and maintenance.

In Crowall, either it is made of stone or brick, we still offer the lowest maintenance option for a clay surface court. It is made easy for joints, installed quickly over a hard surface and does not crack or peel.

The Benefits of Playing on Clay Surface Court

Much easier to own a clay tennis court. Because of patent technology, owning a clay court tennis nowadays is way easier than other tennis courts. CrowAll has long years of experience constructing and maintaining courts, so we can walk you through the planning and operation process.

Clay surface courts are easy, quick and cheaper to build. You can have it installed in almost any type of location, even over an asphalt or concrete courts. It is not subject to crack or peels off when it is properly cared for and maintained. This type of court can last longer. Clay court installation typically costs 5 up to 10% lesser than a hard court. Moreover, it is easy to maintain, usually 10 to 15 minutes a day.

Clay courts minimize the risk of injury. The majority of amateur tennis players spend most of their life playing tennis. It usually starts from the time they learned the sports until their retirement periods. With this, almost half of all seasoned tennis players are most likely to suffer from an injury during the game. The primary causes of their injuries are the type of court surface and their sports shoe. However, the clay surface court allows sliding, resulting in fewer injuries occurrences than other surfaces. Since it allows the players to slide and play with control, slamming down onto the court is seldom to happen. 

Clay is literally cooler than other surfaces.  Most dark-coloured tennis surfaces tend to absorb and hold the heat of the sun. Fortunately, clay court surfaces can breathe and retain their moisture to keep the surface 20% cooler than hard surface courts. It can also handle the blazing heat during the hottest summer days.

Clay courts promote a well-rounded game. Playing in a clay court makes the players develop good stamina and game strategy that hard surface courts cannot provide.

Environmentally friendly and quick to dries. Clay courts are made up of natural, crushed greenstone materials. Since it is made of clay, it naturally absorbs water quickly. It allows players to return back on the court after the rain or cleaning.

Balls in clay courts move at a slower speed, making the game more enjoyable. When you play tennis on a clay court, the ball bounces in slow motion. This is a good indication of a nice game as players have more time to get to shots. Players can get longer rallies without causing too much pressure on the body.

Clay Court Installation Cost

When it comes to the cost of a clay tennis court installation, it varies, depending on some factors. Some factors to take consideration include the size, materials, and condition of your target location. Typically, its cost starts around $45,000 and may rise as $100,000.


At CrowAll, we do several specialized tennis court surfaces and types of tennis courts. We rest assured that we are well trained and informed in what is needed to make quality-made clay courts. We also offer affordable clay tennis court installation. If you wish to get a quote today, you can visit our website CrowAll Surface Contractors. You may also contact us if you have any questions in mind. We are willing to serve you.