What Is the Size and Dimensions of a Pickleball Court?

Pickleball is more than just a funny name – it’s the fastest-growing sport in North America. Combining elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, pickleball’s unique blend of strategy, athleticism, and social fun has captivated players of all ages and skill levels. As the sport’s popularity soars, so does the demand for high-quality pickleball courts.

But why are the dimensions of a pickleball court so important? Like any sport, regulation size ensures a level playing field for all competitors. Consistent dimensions guarantee that the game’s pace, angles, and strategies remain the same wherever you play, whether a friendly match in your backyard or a competitive tournament.

Read on to equip yourself with size and dimension facts about a pickleball court.

Standard Pickleball Court Dimensions

To ensure fair play and consistency, pickleball courts adhere to specific dimensions:

Overall Dimensions/Playing Area: A standard pickleball court measures 44 feet long by 20 feet wide. This encompasses the entire play area, including the court’s outer boundaries (sidelines and baselines).

Non-Volley Zone (Kitchen): On either side of the net, there’s a 7-foot non-volley zone. While standing within this zone, players cannot volley the ball (hit it in the air without letting it bounce).

Pickleball players often refer to the non-volley zone as “the kitchen.” This area extends seven feet from the net on both sides and prohibits players from hitting the ball in the air before it bounces.

Baseline: The lines at either end of the court, marking the back boundary of the playing area.

Sideline: The lines running along the sides of the court defining the width of the playing area.

Centreline: A line dividing the playing area in half, extending from the non-volley zone to the baseline.

Net Height: The net should be 36 inches high at the sidelines and 34 inches at the centre.

By adhering to these standard dimensions, players can be confident that the pickleball court they’re playing on adheres to official regulations, ensuring a consistent and fair game experience.

standard pickleball court dimensions

Visual Representation of a Pickleball Court

  • Overall dimensions: 44 feet long by 20 feet wide
  • Playing area: 20 feet wide by 44 feet long
  • Non-volley zone (kitchen): 7 feet on each side of the net
  • Baseline
  • Sideline
  • Centreline
  • Net height: 36 inches at sidelines, 34 inches at centre

This diagram illustrates the standard layout of a pickleball court, including the key dimensions and lines that define the playing area. The non-volley zone is a crucial area of the court where players must adjust their strategy. The net height is also regulated to ensure fair play for all participants.

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Additional Considerations for Pickleball Courts

Beyond the standard dimensions, there are a few more factors to consider when designing or constructing a pickleball court.

Safety Zones

For player safety and optimal gameplay, having a minimum of 10 feet of clear space beyond the baselines and 5 feet beyond the sidelines is recommended. This additional space allows players to move freely without the risk of colliding with obstacles or fences.

Surface Materials

The surface you choose for your pickleball court is more than just aesthetics; it directly impacts the game’s speed, ball bounce, and player comfort. Crowall offers several top-notch surface options to suit your needs and budget:

Asphalt Penetration

Crowall’s asphalt penetration surfaces provide exceptional durability and longevity. Combining asphalt with specialized coatings, these surfaces create a smooth, consistent playing field perfect for pickleball, tennis, and basketball.

Designed to endure heavy use and harsh weather, they’re an ideal choice for outdoor courts. Minimal maintenance, including periodic sealing and resurfacing, ensures your court remains in top condition for years.

Clay Court Tennis

For those seeking the classic feel of a tennis court, Crowall’s clay court surfaces deliver. Crafted from finely crushed brick or shale, these courts offer superior traction and a unique ball bounce that encourages strategic play. While requiring more maintenance than other options, the playing experience on a clay court is unparalleled.

Artificial Grass/Turf

If low maintenance and versatility are your priorities, consider Crowall’s artificial grass/turf surfaces. Often used for various sports, from football to golf, these surfaces provide consistent traction and shock absorption, reducing the risk of injuries. With minimal upkeep required compared to natural grass, artificial turf offers a cost-effective and durable solution for your pickleball court.

The ideal surface for your pickleball court is a personal choice, balancing your budget, desired level of play, and maintenance preferences. We at Crowall, can help you evaluate each option and determine the best fit for your needs.

Court Orientation

To minimize sun glare and ensure optimal visibility for players, orienting the pickleball court with its long axis running north-south is best. This means the sidelines should face east and west, reducing the direct sunlight players face during matches.

By considering these additional factors, you can create a pickleball court that is not only regulation-size but also safe, enjoyable, and built to last.

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additional considerations for pickleball courts

Crowall: Your Partner for Pickleball Court Installation

When it comes to building or resurfacing a pickleball court, precision and quality are paramount. That’s why Crowall should be your first choice. We’re not just experts in sports surfaces but passionate about creating exceptional playing experiences.

We use state-of-the-art technology, including precision laser-guided grading, to ensure your pickleball court is accurately built. This means a smoother, more level playing surface that enhances gameplay and reduces the risk of injuries.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to add a pickleball court to your backyard or a facility manager planning a large-scale project, Crowall has the experience and expertise to bring your project to life.

Ready to elevate your pickleball game? Contact our staff today for a consultation or quote. Crowall is a leading provider of sports surface installation in Ontario, and we’re passionate about building pickleball courts that meet and exceed the highest standards.

Let us help you create a pickleball court that’s not just regulation-size but a testament to quality and craftsmanship.