10 Best Tennis Court Repair Companies in Toronto

Keeping your family active on the tennis court has more benefits than just the obvious fitness ones, which is why you should make sure the tennis court itself is not a hazard to their wellbeing. Cracks on the surface, regardless of how small and easy to look over, can cause injuries in the long run. A stitch in time will be the way to go whenever you see any one of the following defects take on your tennis court.

  • Cracks – If left unchecked, cracks dig deep and long quickly due to alternating temperatures that come with day and night cycles.
  • Depressions – sprained ankles are perhaps the worst results of running into an uneven surface when you least expect. 
  • Peels – grass or even hard concrete peels corrode the court along with the quality of play.

There are plenty of defects that befall a tennis court, even when not a single foot has been on the surface for a long time. It makes so much sense to have yours in pristine shape for that one time when an unplanned duel is waged. In Toronto, there are plenty of companies that can service your tennis court with satisfactory results. However, there are also companies you should prioritize due to their good reputations. Some of these firms, in no particular ranking order, have been listed below to help you with making an informed decision.

  1. Crowall Surface Contractors
  2. Sports Master Sport Surfaces
  3. Court Surface Specialists
  4. Total Sport Solutions
  5. Toronto Court Equipment
  6. Ancaster Court Surfaces
  7. Court Contractors
  8. Barber Construction
  9. New Court Sport Solutions
  10. Just Four Tennis

How To Hire A Tennis Court Repair Company

With these ten in your reach, all you have to do is approach them through the phone. While ten quotations can be an excess, it shows you a price range and time estimate that is more representative of the entire market’s actual budget. More important than how much the repair process is going to cost is the final result after the work has been done. 

Investigate Past Tennis Court Repair Work

A company that has nothing to hide is more likely to get more clients in this age of social media. It is pleasing when a company has a presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, to say just a few. Why these? Well, these platforms are picture based and present the company with a forum to prove how good they are. If left to using words, as with some directories, every company will tell you they are the very best that’s ever repaired tennis courts. Not their fault. 

Go through facebook looking at the images of finished work before you even make contact with a potential contractor. This way, you narrow down on those with visibly good workmanship. Take note of the reviews left by past customers on the work and in the sections reserved for feedback. Often times they are a more accurate map than any of the companies’ websites. 


What A Good Contractor Will Do;

Before blurting out figures or emailing through an invoice based on what you describe on the phone as the problem with your tennis court, a professional contractor will want to pay you a visit for an assessment. 

No two tennis court repair jobs should be charged the same since the extent of damage to the surface is also never going to be identical. As such, as soon as the person on the other end of the phone generalizes your situation, chances are you’re getting overcharged, or they’ll not finish the task due to the insufficient allocation of resources.

The very best tennis court repair companies will send over a crew to survey and determine the extent of damage on your case. The reason why this is crucial is because of the fact that most times since your eye is not as trained as theirs, you may not recognize problematic areas in their infant stages. Once a proper assessment is conducted, be on the lookout for workmanship that has your interest first before anything else. This way, the fix and pay transaction will benefit both sides.

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